New Construction

When my husband and I began construction on our home, I knew I needed help designing storage and closet spaces.  I consulted Kim from the beginning and she drew plans to best maximize my closets and pantry.  She took into consideration my individual needs to navigate her plans for my house.  My builder used those plans to create spaces that would keep me focused on maintaining order.  I know as my family dynamics change, Kim has created organizational aspects that will adapt to those changes.  I am grateful for her services and I am reminded daily of the impact she had on making my home more enjoyable.



I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate you and your organizing abilities.  You took my closet (which was a nightmare) and made it work for us and "our needs."  Now I have a TON more room, can find everything I need and was able to organize everything by season and color!  Getting read now is a breeze!


I had my new pantry system installed yesterday by Organize 4U.  I do believe its the only room in my whole house that is organized so I will be in there if you need me.  All labels are facing forward and so many more shelves to see where everything is.


Another Satisfied Customer

Hosting an upcoming event at my home, I was in critical need of someone to help bring order to my self accumulated stockpile.  With my event days away, I contacted Kim Pittman who agreed to meet me the day I called.  I was immediately sold on her knowledge of organizing and her practical ideas of how to restore order to my home.  She was prompt and professional.  My garage and may rooms in my home received a complete makeover, which has refreshed my pride in my home as well as my ability to be more productive when working from home.  Organize 4U...cost effective, superior service and a turn key solution for organizing my home.