Relocation Specialist

Moving is Stressful

Whether moving local or long distance, moving is stressful! 

Purging and Packing

Purging is the one step that sets you up for an easier unpacking experience.  We are most valuable to our clients by helping them purge the items they don't need, want or will use again. This one simple step saves time and money.

Unpacking and Organizing

Unpacking is stressful.  The sight of many boxes can feel overwhelming.  Our unpacking and organizing services help our clients get started on their new chapter of life. 


Unpacking and Organizing

"Kim Pittman was AMAZING!!  She was so much help that I was able to return to work earlier than my anticipated date." 


"Kim was excellent.  She had great ideas for helping us maximize our space and make the best of the layout of our new home.  She was a tireless worker and constantly provided input and really helped us make great headway on putting our home together."


Purging and Packing

"Kim was always amiable, courteous and respectful, and helped turn a daunting task into a positive, learning experience for me.  Kim is a high-energy and positive person who kept me on task while providing me with productive and effective assistance.  I admire her unique and valuable sills and her impressive work ethic."