About Me

I love organizing. I always have. Even as a young girl, I remember enjoying spring cleaning when my mom would empty our closets and then my sister and I would get to put it all back neatly. It was organized and I loved it. However, my sister was not as excited and I jokingly say she carried a little bit of bitterness into her adulthood. HA! So I have my mom to thank for sparking my interest early on.  

As a stay at home mom I experienced the challenges of trying to keep things together while raising our family. Now with two adult sons, I can look back and see the benefits of keeping our home organized. It saved us much stress when life was already stressful enough.

What I enjoy most about organizing is the chance to build relationships with new clients. Time after time I experience the thrill of seeing their countenance lifted because of the relief they feel. For me, this is more than a business, this is my way of living the life GOD created me to live and seeing it positively impact others. 

If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated due to the clutter and disorganization in your home or office, contact me (via phone call, email or text) and allow me the opportunity to work alongside you.

Kim Pittman